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Over the years, we have worked with a view to constant improvement, not only from the point of view of LED lighting, but also from an aesthetic point of view. So we started producing LED mirrors with frontal satin finishes, visible on the edges or on the sides. Over time, the evolution of technology has led us to abandon the classic strip with LEDs in sight and to adopt a new type of LED strip, equipped with a silicone protection for a greater degree of insulation to thermal effects (defined also IP). All this makes our mirrors suitable for any type of indoor environment.

During the development phases of our articles, we then studied additional functions to be applied to the classic backlit mirrors for a complete customization of the effects and play of light, while maintaining the utmost simplicity of use for the user. For this purpose, a new type of RGB controller has been chosen which, by remote control, allows to create countless lighting effects that are much more fun and sophisticated than those obtained using the previously used controller.

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Recently, after careful evaluations and experiments, we have inserted in our mirrors the audio systems with radio tuner, so as to allow the user to be able to listen to their favorite stations or, alternatively, reproduce personal ones through an external device. These mirrors are equipped with a 2X50W audio amplifier connected to two 50W speakers, for a clean and homogeneous sound. In addition to all this, in recent times we have started the production of mirrors with a simple system like that of classic mirrors, but which at the same time mount energy saving LED bulbs with intense and pleasant light.

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